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Our team of seasoned experts has positioned itself to reunify families and begin the healing process through provision of legal services, negotiation with government agencies in the countries of origin, travel arrangements, and other such complex coordination of services. Through generous donations like yours, families can receive legal assistance, transportation, counseling and other reunification support services. We will work tirelessly until every family is made whole again. All legal services are provided by our team pro-bono to refugees and their families.


It is our goal to increase awareness, motivate change, and represent the families of immigrants caught in the crossfire of the current administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. We are committed to underserved communities, immigrants, and asylum seekers alike. We are the foot soldiers for each and every family struggling to be reunited.

Time is of the essence, as each day divided deepens the wounds of these forced separations. Through this grass roots campaign we hope to reunify as many families as possible, as quickly as possible, so the healing can begin and a sense of normalcy can be restored for these families.