Reunite Frank with his family so
the healing process can begin.
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Frank was separated from his father at the Southern Border on February 8, 2018. This child had to endure 10 months of detention under very difficult circumstances. The trauma endured was too much for Frank to handle and he was sent to Shiloh Treatment Center in Marvel, TX which is a shelter for disturbed children. Frank, who was a normal and healthy 10-year-old when he arrived in the United States, was returned to Guatemala on December 14, 2018 carrying psychiatric medication which he will need to take indefinitely. Frank and his family have to adjust to a new normal as he suffers from bursts of anger, anxiety, and fear. He lives in a very remote area of the Guatemalan western highlands and his family is very poor. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for this family to take Frank to the doctor regularly and to afford the medication he is required to take. We seek funds to help Frank’s family pay for his medical treatment. In addition to seeing the psychiatrist regularly and purchasing his medication, Frank needs therapy to have a better chance of recovering completely. However, for families who live in areas so remote, the expense of visiting a doctor is so much higher because of travel expenses and lost wages. A round trip to Guatemala City takes at least two days and this family cannot afford this expense. Frank’s future and well-being depends on the generosity of many. Please help us give Frank and his family the gift of hope.

Father: Juan
Mother: Victoria
Funds Needed: $6,500